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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Palladium Outperforms Gold

March 25, 2009, 11 am - Over the past few days palladium itself has made advances of over 10% leaving other PGMs in its wake. Currently the spot trading price for the rarer-than-gold metal is $227 per ounce. Gold, on the other hand, has dropped nearly $10 from it's high about a month ago. Silver has remained constant recently while rhodium has dropped $50 down to $1000/oz. Platinum seems strong, but hasn't made the huge jump palladium has.

In the past few days we've seen several things in the news that could lead to more customer interest in the metal. Russia has announced that they may close a mine which produces nearly 50% of the world's palladium and 12% of the platinum. Obama's economic resurrection attempts may fuel more cars to be made which means the demand for palladium goes up. Cold fusion is constantly being researched and a quick check online shows that recent advances have been made.

Is this why palladium has jumped? Have investors hopped on the palladium bandwagon instead of investing gold or silver investing? Time will tell. I've always said I don't think palladium will hit $400 again until silver is over $20, gold is over $1000, and Pt is at least $1500.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Rarity of Palladium & Potential to Rise (recent summary and translated article explanations)

Unlike the past, I recently accepted a few articles by guest authors. Bless them for helping us build a one-stop informational source regarding our hobby, the metal we love, and our investment vehicle. I've posted a couple articles translated by computer from their native language. I did this because I don't really have as much time as necessary to provide daily market insights in the form of articles on this site. I'll have more time in the future and I guarantee this site will continue to grow (we're getting more viewers now than ever before), however, I will be using the help of others as well to help us reach this goal.

Recent Article Summary

Recently I uploaded a few articles about rare palladium (rare to do this, but I added a few) and how all signs point to it rising in value. There are so many scientific applications palladium that once again, after the economy turns around, within the next 10 years, palladium will surpass gold. The use of palladium is just beginning to come into play in the scientific world. Hydrogen cells, solar power, automobiles, diesel engines, jewelry (it's overtaking platinum because it's cheaper, lighter, and a bit harder than platinum), and many other applications.

In fact, palladium hardness is harder than gold, silver, and platinum. It has a 4.5 mohs rating where gold and silver are 2.5 and platinum is in the low 4s. Rhodium hardness, by the way, is 6, making it a good choice to coat white gold, silver, an other jewelry. Palladium jewelry, such as a palladium necklace or palladium ring will be harder than a platinum ring or gold ring, but a very thing coating of rhodium would be a good idea (as a metal you won't see rhodium cheap, rhodium is usually more than gold and rhodium volatile, but in such a thin coat it costs next to nothing.

Before I get off on a tangent, I just wanted to say that palladium investment is seen by others, as well as me, and a substantial investment vehicle in the future. This post was just meant to summarize that and pound into you that the time to buy is now. If you don't believe me, and don't want your palladium, I'll take it! :)

Thanks for your continued support!

Future Use of Palladium in Solar Cells, etc (guest author)

This article has been translated from its original language, provided by a guest author as I can't keep up the site alone. Other than than it's not edited or modified. It's hard to read, but maybe I'll fix it up one of these days. I apologize for this, however, without these guest authors' help, I wouldn't have much time to update the site.

We call palladium an amazing metal palladium. Therefore, palladium (Pd) metal has actually a very romantic story, the reason I mentioned to him that he is separated agree more importantly, a number of known physical laws, literally. I'm a crackpot theorist trying to overthrow modern science. ME palladium, to ignore the laws of physics to explain why some.

First, the laws of physics are the oldest known palladium is Isaac Newton's law of gravitation. Palladium, Russia has accumulated a large strategic reserve since the Soviet era. They have sold 90 of the stockpile since the late seventies. In 2000, rumors, the Russian government to cease the sale, a source of global market panic of 1100 drove the price of an ounce of dollars. In the confusion,)and GM Ford bulk palladium at the top right of the (F. Palladium stockpile as soon as possible, to resume the export of Russia. Palladium supply is a huge surplus in world markets , collapsing the price of a rush, and Ford, as a result are forced to write down $ 1B to losses. price bottom in 2003 to 142 dollars. laws of economic gravity in the supply and demand: what When it exceeds the supply or prices are falling.

This year, about the stockpiles of Russia 2000000 per ounce to sell, and kept on the mine production. The world's annual mine production was 7000000 oz. 7000000 ounces, so the only demand, total supply was oz 9000000. In other words, in the context of a huge surplus, the law of gravity, it must continue to decline in the price. , 2003 was the conclusion . In addition to his prediction was reservedly palladium prices fell to a sustained pessimistic massive oversupply conditions, please continue.

However, palladium, ignoring gravity, under 142 U.S. dollars in 2003, only 400 against the dollar pushed up, and proved wrong all the other metal. Was? It was a real shock, ignoring the gravitational ME WHY to study it, I found many good reasons why. One of the reasons is to chart the futures, open interest has increased dramatically palladium is shown from the mid 2003's. This is the future, some saw first hand the strong possibility of some very large, storing all the excess palladium. In these speculators. They firmly believe that the future of palladium, which is driving the price of the last few years. One of the potential is used to increase demand for palladium jewelry such as China. However, it is more than that. I also now realize the supply is not infinite reserves of Russia. It will last. In palladium and then displays the structural deficit.

Many new applications of palladium is actually related to the provocation by the laws of physics. This is solid metal, to absorb hydrogen gas, a lot of. Of hydrogen in palladium-900 can absorb up to double their volume. Also, in the form to absorb excess neutrons in the nuclei of deuterium, heavy hydrogen. Absorption of deuterium is very palladium, it is important to talk later.

Palladium is used in hydrogen purification. Fuel cells for both platinum and palladium, can be used as a catalyst in the development of the red hot industries. Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are driven on the road in America, NY, hydrogen refueling station in Shanghai. Commercial hydrogen fuel cell vehicles will be mass market next year. The small fuel cell, is called the direct methanol fuel cell [DMFC], is designed for portable electronic devices, cell phones, digital cameras and laptops, providing a long lasting battery power very As from next year and move to mass market fuel cell device to a consumer. So far no need to charge the phone overnight and would be a big hit? Many of today please see the Web site for fuel cells and fuel cells more exciting news, and all news related to PGM metals.

As catalysts in fuel cells for all the points you need to consume PGM metals. To drive a high level like crazy PGM metal prices in the long term is definitely North American Palladium (PAL) shares are required to help sales. As it happens, the mid-2003, SWC was a very important point for palladium. Palladium price has rebounded strongly in the middle of the bottom, gravity challenge. Suddenly the hands of powerful investors, palladium in 2003, will be open to the boom of interest in the futures market. Norilsk, Russia, and the blessing of President George W. Bush, the palladium market in the world and controls more than 50%, 54% stake in SWC's, former White House officials, Bush's chief of staff, elected Board of Directors of the SWC. The next year, President is starting to pitch to the nation's hydrogen economy, he tried to get the oil weaned from dependence on Middle East to America. r the

In 2003, there is another coincidence, the handful of people, probably, except for the strong hand of palladium, the attention. Cold Fusion is a breakthrough in an experiment, it was discovered in 1989 and quickly dismissed that report as a hoax and accused of being in the field of science. Re-test repeatability of a new Cold Fusion has added fire to a new interest in science. Research activities are soaring.

The fairy tale that many metals, we complete the last act of the most shocking physical palladium defying the ultimate in modern quantum mechanics, nuclear physics. Textbooks of physics, the positively charged deuterons fusion with each other to expel the two in one of two deuterons fuse helium nuclei, releasing energy that a lot, at room temperature, it could not happen Deuterons Pack tightly to you and to give a very high temperature is needed to break the nuclear, fast, to fuse together with other barriers to Coulumb. At room temperature and how it may be?

However, proof of palladium, the scientists ignored the physics is known wrong. Volume absorb 900 times its own value. When you drive the current, heavily packed deuterium atoms in the crystal lattice of palladium and the palladium catalyst, we were able to release an enormous amount of energy to fuse. Repeat the experiment, conducted by research groups around the world in hundreds of U.S. Navy and other researchers. Excessive heat and energy, helium, and the neutron emission, several experiments were detected by the detection instrument is a proven success failure blew a huge release of energy. Also, YouTube has the effect of the cold fusion of amazing videos.

Repeated the experiment in science companies, challenge the theory, to work out some new physics must have been recognized as a true scientific theory is to explain the experiment needs to scratch one's head . Beginning in2007, at a meeting of the American Institute of Physics Cold Fusion was a special session. They are once again in 2008 in March session aims to Cold Fusion. Cold Fusion footstand and to the increasing in the mainstream is scientifically accepted as a legitimate social science.

For cold fusion, you must use the relevant palladium. Cold fusion successful commercial products soon, D2Fusion, or private companies that are claimed by the Russian scholar, water, and virtually inexhaustible supply of energy to provide the human, fully Peak Oil to overcome the crisis. However, it will drive the price of palladium to a high level. Cold fusion device housing a machine the size of washing machines, including a tenth ounces of palladium, about the family life, and provides an overall need for energy, electricity, natural gas to pay the heating and winter again. What's going to pay for it? I, the palladium of the device, including the tenth ounce $ 100K will pay in the morning. A thousand times the price of palladium, gold prices, the current numbers.

You are very happy to be hoarding some palladium when government spending anywhere Solar panels are expensive to sell to eliminate subsidies and reduce the sunlight. If alternative energy is a real gem, SWC and PAL was chasing a fly them may not see the flyer. Honestly, our entire solar energy sector, if we are to provide enough energy to obsolete cold fusion energy is virtually inexhaustible.

We will be interested in if you are really an alternative, the future winner of the best small and certainly SWC and PAL, the development of fuel cell technology, heard about cold fusion. I have dirt in them are recommended to buy cheap shares. I often, in the year 2007 Southern Copper Corp. (PCU) in the SWC in 2003 and likes to compare. PCU finally in 2003 was a surplus stock was unchanged eight years as a cow, was poised to go on an incredible rally in copper PCU was the best time to go.

We also contacted members of Congress and Senate, the President is required. The Urge to fund and support research on nuclear fusion at room temperature, the faster adaptation of the hydrogen economy, weaner our fossil fuel dependent. Cold Fusion is the last we will win the best alternative energy source to replace fossil fuel-rich exhaust for now will save us from peak oil and reduce. For the future of mankind, for the benefit of their own company and of course the SWC / PAL investment, Cold Fusion has better hope that the dreams!

Palladium is not really human, to live in a magical romantic metal. Implicit in our people and reduce air pollution in the car's catalytic converter, it works to clean our water and save the environment at the water treatment plants, pollution free, energy efficient You can drive a hydrogen fuel cell vehicles to provide a fuel cell; The addition of alternative energy sources to fossil fuels are to provide a cold fusion energy. The human race is the best gift of nature. We need to cherish it.

Palladium is a very special metal, so I finally facts about the metal, 18 years after the year 1989 I learned that first heard about cold fusion. I'm American, my country is the world's best for the future and we are grateful for the prosperity and hope.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Positive Predictions for Palladium (guest author)

This article has been translated by computer from its original language. Since the translation I have not edited or modified it in anyway. I know it's hard to read, but that's what's fun about it!

* * *

With lower prices of palladium (platinum and even a bit low), most of the miners are making a very little profit on mining. If, in fact, than the spot price, Please look at the cost of production of palladium mining companies. Thats why many of the miners that the PGM loss record:

Trickle-down power supply when you start decreasing, prices will rise. Interests of the workers who mine and does not significantly reduce the final production, is expensive to shut down the mines, equipment is idle for a short sitting to their right They do not realize is not a loss in production terms.

People as a gemstone in order to achieve the demand of palladium is really (although slowly), if not platinum and how compared to the pickup in North America and in Asia is better in many other less equal (the less dense that the jewelry is a good example). Because it was difficult to cast, and before the palladium jewelry is popular in the new technology eliminate this problem was. Some of the jewelry palladium mining methods have been used only for the current account must be changed in the future.

Since then, there are so many cases of this new techonology, but the benefits are often times, one of palladium and platinum can be used instead of the cheap, 5 ounces and ounces as well as palladium catalyst in diesel automobile manufacturers Because they are so in exchange for 5 platinum, expand the savings ratio is 1:1:

Grant is temporarily down demand and slow the car market (excluding China), not from 5 (probably sooner) the number of years, maybe you should double-palladium (minimum $ 400 oz.) I have gold, silver and platinum, silver Yes 20 dollars could be hit again soon, to be honest it has a lower risk than palladium is not, I immediately, palladium is 3 times that, in the past few years do not see any chance of some three times. Silver is back might have to go to, palladium below 180 dollars, not spend the last 5-6 years a lot of time. Near the high of Friday, I think when you are pretty sure $ 2000, palladium is at least $ 500.

People to realize the sum of the platinum and palladium is greater than other jewelry, the industry is five times the cost is more expensive than palladium. Do you think of any?

If you are really me you (and this "education") to learn about the palladium market in general recommended to read:

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Prices Rising Again, Folks!

I always monitor the dollar vs the Japanese yen because I have some yen and I'm waiting for it to rise vs the dollar so I can take some out. Just the other day, maybe two days ago, I needed money, so I took out some yen. It was 98 yen to the dollar. Then, just two days later, it's 94 yen to the dollar. I took out about $1000, so I could have made $40 more!

And here is the spot price chart from the Bullion Desk. Gold was tinkering with going under $900, but as you can see it's near $960 as I write this. Silver is back in the mid-$13s and was actually $12.80 yesterday. Palladium jumped up about 5% or so to back over $200. Platinum made the biggest move: it jumped over $50 per ounce! Here's the chart. Just thought I'd share it so you're aware that there might be some movements again!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Palladium Density, Coin Dimensions

I love collecting palladium to invest for the future. I have some palladium storage for Suisse bars but have had some palladium Maple Leaves in my house that I'd been meaning to put in a safe place. Finally today, I moved them. It's not safe to keep them on my dresser or shelf, even if it's only a few ounces worth. I do like looking at the coins. The palladium coins are still relatively new so I like handling them. I have a few silver coins at home too. They're quite a bit bigger than the palladium 1 oz coins.

While putting my coins in storage I pulled out a Platinum Eagle because I haven't handled one for a long time. To my surprise the platinum is much, much thinner than the palladium. I knew it was a denser metal, but I didn't know by how much! So, I thought we could explore the different sizes of some popular 1 oz coins made out of differnet metals.

Gold Eagle Coin and Canada Gold Maple Leaf 1 oz

The American Gold Eagle has a diameter of 32.7mm and is 2.87mm thick. Gold is very dense, or heavy, at 19.3  g/cm−3. (Remember, this has nothing to do with the softness of the metal.) The Canadian Gold Maple Leafs are about the same size and thickness.
Palladium Maple Leaf Thickness 1 oz

Now Palladium is very light compared to gold. Palladium is only 12.023  g/cm−3. So, to make up an ounce, the Canada mint made our Maple Leaf Coins about 33mm diameter by 3.58mm thick.

American Eagle Platinum 1 oz

Now this is what's interesting. The platinum coin is the thinnest of all. It's the most dense precious metal, even heavier than gold! My American Eagle coin is still 32.7mm in diameter, just like the gold, however, it is only 3.39mm thick. Compared to gold it might look similar and kind of hard to tell that the platinum is thinner and therefore heavier. The density of platinum is 21.45  g·cm−3. This is amazingly high. Most people are amazed if they every hold an oz of gold, surprised that something so small could be so heavy. Imagine their shock when they hold some platinum!

American Eagle Silver Coins

Silver has a density of just 10.49 g/cm−3. This is about half of gold and platinum, therefore the coins are much bigger, just over 40mm diameter. And, they are a big thicker as well, at almost 3mm thick. Plus silver is still cheap. A 1 oz coin like this would cost you under $20 and would be a good start to investing in precious metals
Rhodium Coins: How Big Would a Rhodium Coin Be?

Remember, there is no country minting Rhodium coins. There are companies who make them, but none that are popular. The reason they don't do a rhodium mint is because it's a very brittle metal. A 1 gram rhodium coin will be coming though! For more info click on the "rhodium" label below, or just click here and all of our rhodium posts will show up.

Just for fun, although a 1 oz rhodium coin won't be made, if one were to be made, how big would it be? Well, rhodium has a density of 12.41 g/cm−3, which is nearly identical to palladium. So, we can assume that the rhodium coin size would be about the same as the Palladium Maple Leaf.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Does Scrap Gold have Any Value? Tips on How to Spin Scrap Into Cash

(This article was provided by E.J., a guest author)

Does Scrap Gold Have Any Value? Tips on How to Spin Scrap Into Cash

Scrap gold does indeed have value. After you have gathered together all of your various pieces of junk gold (think gold chains, rings with or without stones, earrings missing a mate, gold fillings from teeth etc.) you can take them to a gold dealer to have them weighed and appraised. The dealer himself may be interested in purchasing your scrap but more than likely, you will receive more money if you sell your gold to a gold buyer online or at an auction. Scrap gold can bring in a nice profit depending on caret weight (10k, 14k, 18k, 22k or 24k) and the purity of the gold. Some gold is even mixed with platinum which makes the value greater. But there are gold jewelry pieces that are mixed with other metals which may bring down the value quite a bit.

Sort out your gold pieces by caret weight and then have them weighed to convert ounces to grams. Gold is purchased according to gram weight, so that is an important step. If you need cash quickly, you will probably benefit from selling it directly to a dealer or pawn broker. But if the price seems much too low, wait to sell it at another venue. There are buyers who will try to take advantage of you. Don't be desperate when selling your gold. Also, you may get a greater price by advertising online or locally that you have jewelry for sale rather than scrap for sale. If you have a ring with a nice stone, for instance, you might want to sell it as a "beautiful gold ring" rather than as "scrap" or "junk" gold.

No matter what your reason is for selling your spare gold pieces, you can definitely make money by selling it. Whether or not you see an actual profit...that is, cash over and above the original price of the jewelry will depend on how quickly you wish to sell and what the market will bear at that particular time. The longer you can hold off selling, the better your chances are to see a real profit.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Use for Platinum & Palladium: Catalytic Converter Close up Picture

We know a use for palladium is in catalytic converters in cars. Platinum and rhodium are present also. But when looking for catalytic converter picture, I always come up with something...ordinary. Example:

Now sure, that's a good sketch of how palladium, platinum, and rhodium catalytic converters work, but we want to hear and see more of the precious metals! The best photo I found of the honeycomb has been this:

Then just today, I found an even better closeup:

However, today I was only looking for that closeup for one reason: because I have my own palladium catalytic converter pieces in hand! It's a funny story, actually. I stopped to visit my dad and ended up doing some cleaning for him. I decided it was time to empty out the shop vac and guess what I found? Pieces of his old catalytic converter that he tore out. I took a closeup shot of it

You can see that the honeycomb walls are paper-thin. You don't see anything resembling palladium at all, let alone any metals. These are really brittle and will shatter to dust if you apply any pressure. And they are really lightweight too. Have you ever bought stonewashed jeans and found the stone in the pocket? That's what these remind me of, only cooler!

That's all for this, I just thought I'd post a few pictures to show the use for palladium that we've all been buying!

Monday, March 2, 2009

(2001) Ford Decides to Stockpile Palladium Reserves

(2001) Ford Decides to Stockpile Palladium Reserves

I thought this was kind of interesting. Ford, in 2001, fearing that the current $1000/oz palladium price would rise more, decided to increase palladium stockpiles and use huge amounts of money to buy palladium reserves.

= Ford Loved Russian Palladium ;)
The 90s was a decade of profit for Ford. But in 2001 they knew Palladium reserves could be cut off at any time (top palladium production was Russia) so Ford, knowing they couldn't produce cars during a palladium shortage, purchased a large enough palladium stockpile to report losing $1 billion after the palladium price dropped 75% back to normal levels.

What's also interesting is that Ford doesn't demand palladium only for its catalytic converters: they can substitute other metals (namely using more platinum and rhodium) and in 2001 actually produced catalytic converters with no palladium! (Related: Use for Palladium article.)

And, 8 years later, as we all know, Ford is is much worse trouble than just losing a measly billion dollars! And, due to the economic woes in 2009, people still aren't buying as many cars, so the car companies don't need as much palladium. What does that tell us? Buy while it's cheap! (See our Free Plan to Create Wealth with Palladium article.)
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