Saturday, November 8, 2008

John Embry on Precious Metals Price

I love John Embry. He was somewhat of a role model for me. I don't know exactly, but he's in his 60s and looks good for his age. He's articulate but also colloquial. Plus he knows what he's talking about but does so calmly. Also he's rich. I'd like to hear him speak any day, even if he did happen to be wrong. He's similar to Obama in that aspect.\

In this video he talks about how precious metals such as palladium and platinum along with gold are being manipulated to stay down, but predicts a rise in price, eventually.

The last time I heard him speak was on GATA's Gold Rush 21. He had a prepared speech there but it was it very good to listen too. That's when gold was actually lower than it is now, and he was saying basically the same thing he is now about suppression and such.

Palladium has actually risen 10% over the past week or so. The others haven't moved much.

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