Monday, September 17, 2012

Cohen Mint Scam: Rhodium

Cohen Mint Scam: Rhodium

For years I've been a big fan of The Cohen Mint.  I bought from them, had a couple conversations over the phone with the founder of the mint, and even did an interview with him that you can find here.

Now, over these past few years I've seen dozens of negative comments regarding Mr. Cohen's business.  When I ordered my palladium coins or rhodium bars I realized that it might be a few months until they were delivered.  So, I assumed that the complainers were just impatient.  I think I assumed wrong!

I believe I placed my last order in January 2012.  I received my bars in May 2012.  Problem: bars were both cracked.  I contacted Cohen Mint several times and haven't gotten a reply.  I called on the phone and haven't gotten an answer.  Cohen Mint knows that I'm stuck with cracked bars.  Cohen Mint SHIPPED me cracked bars (no way did they crack during shipping because they were padded well). 

So, I'm just putting this out there that I've done a 180 with the Cohen Mint company.  I will do no further business with them.  I asked for a couple rhodium bars, not cracked rhodium bars.  I should have listened to everyone else

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