Thursday, September 18, 2008

Should You Buy Palladium Online?

So you're thinking about investing in precious metals with the market down? Now is the time to invest. With a stock market crash closer than ever and stock prices down, gold coins, silvers coins, and platinum coins will skyrocket. But what about palladium? Palladium coins and palladium bullion are also available for collectors. Why Paladium coins? Palladium, like platinum and silver, follows gold. Palladium is fourth in line though. Gold's risen $100 per ounce in the past couple days after the Leyman Brothers and AIG government bailouts. Palladium bullion prices haven't risen yet. Palladium is slower, and gives you time to think about your investment. That's how some investors see it anyway.

With this site I'm going to introduce you to the different types of palladium coins, palladium bullion, and palladium pools you can invest in. For collectors, there are palladium Russian Ballerina coins, palladium Canada Maple Leaf coins, and Pampa Suisse palladium bars. I'll address these all in the future. I'll also look at places to buy palladium online, palladium ebay, and other sources. Stop back often!

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