Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Palladium vs Platinum, Platinum vs Palladium: Which to Buy?

Most people know about silver and gold and how they are worth a lot of money. But few know about platinum and palladium. People investing precious metals know about the differences between platinum vs palladium, but, if you're new, you might not.

When people want to invest in precious metals, they buy gold. If they want to mix it up, they'll buy silver. You see, women aren't like this, but men have a way of switching up what works and trying to make it work better. Men take more risks. So, they jump into silver. But, in recent years platinum has become popular, especially since it hit $2000 an ounce earlier this year. To some, platinum was more attractive than gold. It's similar in volatility to silver, but worth A LOT more. But, what about palladium vs platinum?

Platinum vs Palladium

The platinum vs palladium debate is one with no rights and wrongs. It's all speculative opinion when it comes to future values. Let's look at some facts before we get to the opinions of palladium vs platinum:
  • Platinum is more useful in industry.
  • Platinum is more expensive.
  • Palladium is several times as rare.
  • Platinum wins in platinum vs palladium in industrial situations, but palladium can often be substituted for platinum
  • Due to platinum's price, they are increasingly finding ways to substitute palladium
  • History proves that palladium is more volatile
  • Platinum has been as high as 2-3x the price of gold at the time
  • Palladium has been as high as 4x the price of gold at the time
  • In 2001 palladium was 140% the price of platinum
  • In 2008 platinum was 4x the price of palladium
  • Palladium vs platinum spark plugs: palladium cost more, so I bought platinum :)
  • Today gold is basically equal to platinum and 4x the price of palladium
So, what can we infer from these platinum vs palladium facts? What I've been saying all along: platinum may double in value, but palladium may quadruple. I'm so curious to see what happens!


  1. In 2001, palladium was priced at $1,000 an once! At the time, more expensive than both gold & platinum. So who's to say that history won't repeat its self in the future?


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