Monday, February 16, 2009

Where to Buy Palladium Bars and Palladium Coins

Where to Buy Palladium Bars and Palladium Coins

I'm sorry to say that palladium, rare in nature, is not a popular vehicle in which to invest. Palladium is mostly used by the auto industry and other industrial palladium facilities. The prices are determined mainly by these, not by investors. However, we're lucky that we can buy palladium coins and palladium bars, thanks to the Canadian and Chinese government mints. Palladium coins are also minted in Russia, the Russian ballerina palladium.

Palladium Maple Leaf, Canada

Palladium Panda Coin, China
Ballerina Palladium, Russia

If a US bill passes though the senate, we'll have a US St. Gaudens palladium coin! See related article: Palladium St. Gaudens coin.

St. Gaudens Palladium, USA

Those are what we have in palladium coins from our governments. Invest in palladium is possible though Pamp Swiss or Stillwater. They both make palladium bullion in the form of palladium bars. The bars palladium are usually 1 oz, but Pamp makes 10 oz bars too. Stillwater Palladium makes palladium bullions coins as well. Let's look at all of these.

Pamp Suisse 1 oz bar, Switzerland

Stillwater Palladium Coin, USA
Stillwater Bar Palladium, USA
Where Can I Buy Palladium Online?

These are the sites I've used. I'll simply post the links. Keep in mind that some have a $1000 minimum, so for right now you'd have to buy 4-5 ounces of palladium to meet that requirement. Some have a 10 oz minimum. All mark up the spot price 10-20%.

Austin Coin Collecting Society. Very polite on the phone. Even returned my phone call as I left a message!

BASF Industrial Sales. I haven't dealt with them.

Monex. Very popular, and I think it's the $1000 minimum. Decently polite, but very busy and they will rush you if they are too busy. Often they are sold out when metals are likely to rise. Many think they are hoarding it until it goes up, so they can sell for more money.

Northwest Territorial Mint. They have a nice palladium selection, though they might be sold out.


Ebay. Ebay has 100s of people selling anywhere from single 1 oz palladium coins to a dozen 10 oz palladium bars at a time. Markup over spot will like be 50-100% over spot. Paying 50% should be expected, actually, and a 1 oz palladium coin worth $220 spot would be a deal on Ebay at $300.

Where to Buy Palladium Locally?

Here's a little trick. We all have pawn shops around town and throughout our state. I know you have the Internet, so you have the phone numbers of all those places. Call them up! See what they have. They may have just got some palladium bars in today!

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