Monday, September 29, 2008

Coin Palladium: Who Coins Palladium?

Who are the main makers who coin palladium? There are a few main coins and bullion so you know who coins palladium for your investments.

Canada Maple Leaf.
The Canadian Government has coin palladium from 2005 to 2007. They made the very popular Palladium Maple Leaf Bullion coin. These are generally worth their bullion value

Pamp Suisse
coins palladium. They coin palladium one ounce Pamp Swiss bars. They are very popular, and individually wrapped and numbered.

Russia coins palladium 1 oz and half ounce coins. They have pictures of ballerinas on them. The different poses are worth a different numismatic value.

. The US government coins palladium Stillwater coins and bullion. If lucky, we'll soon see Palladium St. Gaudens coins!

In China they coin palladium Panda coins. There are only about 20,000 in all of the years.

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