Monday, February 22, 2010

Palladium Rhodium 2010

Readers and fellow investors,

I know several of you read the site regularly and haven't seen an update in months. I apologize.

However, in the coming few weeks I have plans for more articles regarding gold investing, silver investments, palladium bullion, and Cohen Mint rhodium coins.

Recently I've acquired some rhodium of my own. I've acquired more silver. I've switched jobs, made plans to move, and plan to trade and sell some of my investment metals, but ultimately, my stash should increase, because, as I've been saying, now is the time to buy.

I've read a lot more investment material and feel I'm even more able to predict future events regarding the economy. I don't have my own crystal ball, rather, I read the writings of those who have them. ;)

RE: the Cohen Mint

Also, I've been getting several emails and site comments regarding the late shipment of products ordered from the Cohen Mint. To those of you who've asked, I simply told you that I don't know. I personally have my hands on products created by Eitan Cohen, so, although I know many of you may not have received your shipments or haven't been responded to, I do assure you that the coins ARE being made, though I have no estimate of how long it takes to receive an order, fabricate Cohen rhodium coins, package them in their holders, and ship them throughout the world.

Do they take a long time to make? I'm sure they do. Is Mr. Cohen very busy? I'm sure he is. However, I've had no contact with Mr. Cohen since our Spring 2009 interview regarding the introduction of the Cohen Mint rhodium coins.

I apologize for any delays you may be having and I hope for everyone's sake we all receive our coins at the price we paid, even if delivery time takes longer than we'd expected. If you cannot wait, I'll sell you some of my coins as I have more on the way and am confident of their arrival. I won't cut you a deal on the price though as I'm also collecting them!

Thanks for your continued support. I'll be posting more soon!
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