Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Buy Silver!?

I'm currently traveling Europe right now so any move I might like to make will be...not made.

The only move I see that I would be making, though, is possibly to sell gold. Or, that would have been the goal a week ago. I don't know if silver is going to continue to drop or not. I'm hoping it will, because if it does "buy silver" is a sure rule! However, now, again, it's hit or miss. If one were to sell gold and buy rhodium I would completely understand the logic!

I still have platinum that I haven't sold because I feel it's undervalued. I've feel that way for a while but the world hasn't so, as we speak, gold is higher than platinum. Hmm...

Advice? I have none I'm strongly giving except to wait. If anything, silver has fallen a higher percentage than gold, so, selling gold and buying silver would not be an unfounded decision. Personally, though, I see $22 as silver's price and gold at $1600, meaning silver could still drop more than gold (if I were the world emperor, which I'm not!).

Sooooo, in other words, I'm not doing anything with my metals/money at this point. If ANY of the five metals drops another 20% I say buy! If gold goes up 20% I say buy silver because it will follow.
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