Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Rhodium Coins Are Here! Rhodium Bullion

Rhodium Coins: Rhodium Bullion Coins Are Here!

Click here for interview with owner of Cohen Mint and links to purchase the rhodium coins

That's right, no lie, and not much more waiting. We are now able to buy 100% rhodium coins for rhodium investing purposes. Here's the photo:

The mint is named Cohen and many of their coins are the smallest in the world. They make 1 gram palladium, 1 gram platinum, and even troy grain size coins, which are even smaller than a gram.

I know the owner of the mint personally and have commented before that rhodium bars or rhodium coins will be coming soon. In that post I purposely didn't mention that Cohen was the mint I was referring to because I had somewhat "insider information." However, now, the world may know!

Paraphrasing from Cohen's site, I'll give you some examples about how big of an accomplishment this is
  • This is the first time any company has ever make investment grade rhodium coin or rhodium bars
  • Rhodium is extremely hard and brittle and has an extremely high melting temperature
  • Cohen has worked for months and has finally found the formula to create rhodium investment bullion coins
  • When dies are made these coins will start being sold in late spring to early summer 2009

When Will Rhodium Bullion Coins Be Available?

As mentioned in the list above, late spring to early summer.

Rhodium Bar Price: How Much Will A Rhodium Coin Cost?

These coins will be 1 gram each. There are appx 31 grams in an ounce, and as I write this rhodium is at $1200/oz. $1200/31 = $38 per 1 gram coin, right? Sure, that's what the metal is worth, but remember, Cohen has gone to great lengths to find the rhodium and through even greater troubles to fabricate dies and find successful methods to mold this extremely hard to work with metal into coins. So, even $80 per coin will likely be too little. Therefore, I'll give you my guesses about initial pricing of the coins:\
  • Guess #1: $99 per 1 gram coin
  • Guess #2 $149 per 1 gram coin
  • Guess #3 $89 per 1 gram coin
Like I said, I don't think the company could profit if they only sold for double the spot price. These will be VERY expensive.

I'll explain more when I have one in-hand!

Click here for interview with owner of Cohen Mint and links to purchase the rhodium coins


  1. Holy S#%t! You said they'd be making it and they did! I'm not in the country, can you buy one and save for me when I get back? Anyway, I Dugg the article for you. Buy me one. I'll give you the $150 or whatever it costs. -JSC

  2. Just wanted to let you know you were right on with your assessment. You certainly know your stuff. Have you ever thought about writing a book? - S. Brenske

  3. I would invest in Rhodium regularly if the margin over spot wasn't soo large. I would be more likely to purchase a standardized secure bag of Rhodium powder than hand over a 100% margin to Cohen.


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