Saturday, May 23, 2009

Rhodium Bullion Coins, Cohen Mint Interview Update

Interview with Eitan Cohen of Cohen Mint!
When: Late May-Early June 2009
Discussion Topic: Cohen Mint's New One-Gram Rhodium Coin

February 2009 - A few months ago I leaked the secret that we'll soon be seeing rhodium bars or coins for investment. Many have been waiting to hear where you can buy rhodium and about the release date of the Rhodium Coins that will soon be coming from an unknown manufacturer. Since then the coin rhodium price has been speculated.

May 6, 2009 - A couple weeks ago I mentioned that the method to produce rhodium coins has been finalized and posted a picture of a .999 pure rhodium coin produced by rhodium mint specialist Cohen Mint.

May 11, 2009 - I let know you know that there would be an interview with Eitan Cohen, owner of Cohen Mint, the first ever to produce investment rhodium bullion coins.

May 23, 2009 - Today, I'm updating you once again about the process of rhodium coins, rhodium investment information, and Buy-Palladium's interview with Mr. Cohen of Cohen Mint.

Rhodium Coins

The coins have been fabricated and initial samples (and possibly more) have been produced. They are beautiful, solid, .999 pure rhodium coins. They will be initially available in the 1-gram size, which if you ask me, due to the tricky nature of rhodium's properties, is the only reasonable size factor in which to mint rhodium into coin form.

Rhodium Investing

This is obvious: when the coins become available, buy them! You can choose to invest in paper rhodium, something you're buying that isn't even backed by physical metal. Personally, me and the readers here are usually interested in getting our greedy little hands on the physical metal!

Interview with Eitan Cohen

The interview with Mr. Cohen will be available for read or download in late May, 2009. With any difficulties it will be pushed back to June, but we're working to prevent that.

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