Sunday, October 5, 2008

Silver Philharmonics Premiums in Japan

It's my assumption that Austrian Philharmonics 1 oz do NOT have a numismatic value. In fact, when I called (I think it was Monex) to buy cheap palladium, the guy told me they were out of Pd but he recommended 100 oz of Philharmonics silver coins and there was no premium (I would have paid $1300 or so, but I wanted Pd).

So, why is Tanaka Japan selling them for $60 each? Hard to import to Japan? Japanese are stupid and think they're platinum?? I bought from Tanaka in Japan before and they had a premium on coins over bullion, but it was only about 5%, not 500%!!

Click for link (in Japanese, but you can see the price of 6,300 yen, which equals $60).

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