Thursday, October 2, 2008

Spot Palladium Premiums

QUICK SUMMARY: Palladium coins online have been hard to find. Now, they're even harder. When you do find them, they are selling for double the spot price. With palladium cheap right investors are hoarding and/or flocking to buy.

Screen shot taken from my "secret" selling source
for cheap palladium and cheap platinum. Notice the "sell"
boxes are empty.

There goes my "secret" palladium source! I found a single-page site online of a place that was selling Pd Maple Leaves for about $30 over spot when the Pd price was $240 (so they were selling for $270 at that time). I called but didn't buy because I didn't want to buy the minimum.

Then the other day, I reconsidered after seeing the cheap palladium price drop below $200. So, I just checked my site: not selling! They're hoarding their stash! So, if you're a small-time seller on Ebay or something, you just add a 50-100% premium and sell. If you're a respectable, big-company seller, you pretend you're sold out!

So, that's how it's looking today. Palladium futures and Platinum futures, at least if you ask the big sellers, are going up. When I have a use for palladium--when we hope to find cheap coins--the rare metal becomes even rarer. I'm curious too see where we'll be in a week or so!

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