Monday, November 9, 2009

Rhodium on the Rise!

Rhodium is again on the upward trend. Remember just a year ago it was down to $700 per ounce. Today is it $1800-2100 per ounce (that price discrepancy depends on who your quoting source is and whether you're buying or selling.

The chart below shows the price of rhodium as quoted by Kitco. You can see it's been steadily moving up from $1500 to $1800 over the past few days. The $2100 price is the quoted price if you want to buy an ounce of it, which is considerably higher.

Rhodium Price Chart

Rhodium Coins Prices Rising

If you'll recall we did an interview with Eitan Cohen of Cohen Mint regarding the minting of the Cohen Mint Coins (full article here). Checking the Cohen Mint Rhodium Bullion Coin site, since the coins came out a few months ago, they've climbed from their starting price of $89.99, to $92.99, to $99.99, to $102.99, and just today to $104.99. Rhodium bullion is rising so the cost of making rhodium coins is also rising. At $104.99 it will cost you about $3300 to get your hands on an ounce of rhodium (remember these are 1-gram coins so you'd need 31 to have an ounce).

You may be thinking that owning 31 small coins isn't the best way to own an ounce of rhodium. Let me tell you, though, it is the only way. There is a company online that allegedly will make a bar for you and sent it, but I haven't read about anyone ordering one from them.


  1. I ordered a bars from the other company and have recived them, but the only thing is that they only make a 2 OZ bar and have a 5 bar min. order.

    That may change as soon as someone else has them, but untill then they are the only company.

    It is March 7 now and you still don"t see the bars from Cohen Mint.

    The cost per OZ was the same as Cohin mint 1 OZ bar.

    The best thing with the other company is they have great costomer service, there is someone there to answer the phone, emails are returned fast, and they keep there word about order time, as the way it should be.

    Look out Cohen Mint!

  2. One other thing!

    In November Cohen Mint was taking orders for the 1OZ bar @ $3,349.00 at which time I placed a order.

    13 weeks later I recived 31 coins for that order.

    No excuse, no contact, but because of the time that had passed I guess I was lucky to get them.

    No doubt his manufacturing cost seems that it would be less, only if he sold them for that price.

    My guess is that he can't do it for that cost and or just wants to make more with the coins.


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