Thursday, March 19, 2009

Prices Rising Again, Folks!

I always monitor the dollar vs the Japanese yen because I have some yen and I'm waiting for it to rise vs the dollar so I can take some out. Just the other day, maybe two days ago, I needed money, so I took out some yen. It was 98 yen to the dollar. Then, just two days later, it's 94 yen to the dollar. I took out about $1000, so I could have made $40 more!

And here is the spot price chart from the Bullion Desk. Gold was tinkering with going under $900, but as you can see it's near $960 as I write this. Silver is back in the mid-$13s and was actually $12.80 yesterday. Palladium jumped up about 5% or so to back over $200. Platinum made the biggest move: it jumped over $50 per ounce! Here's the chart. Just thought I'd share it so you're aware that there might be some movements again!

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