Friday, March 20, 2009

Positive Predictions for Palladium (guest author)

This article has been translated by computer from its original language. Since the translation I have not edited or modified it in anyway. I know it's hard to read, but that's what's fun about it!

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With lower prices of palladium (platinum and even a bit low), most of the miners are making a very little profit on mining. If, in fact, than the spot price, Please look at the cost of production of palladium mining companies. Thats why many of the miners that the PGM loss record:

Trickle-down power supply when you start decreasing, prices will rise. Interests of the workers who mine and does not significantly reduce the final production, is expensive to shut down the mines, equipment is idle for a short sitting to their right They do not realize is not a loss in production terms.

People as a gemstone in order to achieve the demand of palladium is really (although slowly), if not platinum and how compared to the pickup in North America and in Asia is better in many other less equal (the less dense that the jewelry is a good example). Because it was difficult to cast, and before the palladium jewelry is popular in the new technology eliminate this problem was. Some of the jewelry palladium mining methods have been used only for the current account must be changed in the future.

Since then, there are so many cases of this new techonology, but the benefits are often times, one of palladium and platinum can be used instead of the cheap, 5 ounces and ounces as well as palladium catalyst in diesel automobile manufacturers Because they are so in exchange for 5 platinum, expand the savings ratio is 1:1:

Grant is temporarily down demand and slow the car market (excluding China), not from 5 (probably sooner) the number of years, maybe you should double-palladium (minimum $ 400 oz.) I have gold, silver and platinum, silver Yes 20 dollars could be hit again soon, to be honest it has a lower risk than palladium is not, I immediately, palladium is 3 times that, in the past few years do not see any chance of some three times. Silver is back might have to go to, palladium below 180 dollars, not spend the last 5-6 years a lot of time. Near the high of Friday, I think when you are pretty sure $ 2000, palladium is at least $ 500.

People to realize the sum of the platinum and palladium is greater than other jewelry, the industry is five times the cost is more expensive than palladium. Do you think of any?

If you are really me you (and this "education") to learn about the palladium market in general recommended to read:

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