Saturday, October 24, 2009

Palladium Shines! (Gold Price Predictions)

Palladium Shines!

Palladium is doing very, very well, folks! The gold price is glittering right now as people the see the $1050 price. This shows a near 10% gain for gold. Silver is up 14% to over $17.50 per ounce. Platinum, over the same time period of a month or so, rose under 10%.

But look what's shining: palladium! Palladium has risen 16% over the same time period. It's current price is $336 per ounce palladium coin or per ounce of palladium bullion. Buy palladium bullion as it's still a good investment. It woudl have been a better investment a few months ago at $180. Remember that?

Investment Strategy

We've been giving you tips every couple months on which metal to buy or which to sell. It's usually short and at first decided we wouldn't do this, but people like it so we're doing it. We never guarantee any of our predictions though, so keep that in mind.

Gold Predictions

We have a long-term prediction for ALL of the metals to rise. I think you know that simply by us maintaining a precious metals site. In the short-term, as in, what you should do right, we think you should buy silver. Silver has never been this under-valued compared to gold. When gold hit $1000 in 2008 silver bullion was selling at $22 per ounce or closer to $30 for the silver coins.

If you don't have money to buy silver now, Selling an ounce of gold (we're assuming there are low fees involved) for $1055 would buy you about 60 ounces of silver. So, six ten ounce silver bars (coins would likely cost more) could be had. We say that not only because we think silver undervalued versus gold right now, but because it is so rare and when demand increases so will its price.

Palladium Predictions and Platinum Predictions

We don't think palladium will reach $400 any time soon. Similarly, we don't think $1500 platinum will come any time soon. Gold's popularity, as evidenced by $1000 gold or $1050 gold, proves we're in a recession and people want to hedge with gold. Palladium hedge and platinum hedge don't work the same because they are more industrial in nature and will rise with more demand from auto manufacturers. In the long-term, both will rise, as we're predicting, but not this year.

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Here's an article predicting gold to reach $2000 within the next 10 years.


  1. It was hard to buy any physical Palladium back when it was $180... !

  2. Wow is all I can say. I just checked the price spike in real time with the free widget Exact Price and seeing that graph sure makes this jump look really kind of neat and exciting. Price is still staying up there after hours.

    Thanks for the great reading, we buy gold buy in a recession. I will pass this on to our Ira clients to read.


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