Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Gold Price Jumps $20 Today!

Gold Price Jumps $20 Today!

Not much time to comment here but I had to at least mention the price of gold rise that took place today! Last I looked it was $955 and now it's nearly $980.

Palladium Price Up

Palladium coin buy prices are up because palladium is pushing $300 an ounce! Get your palladium bullion bars and palladium bullion bars at near spot prices if you buy now. Remember when palladium was $280 and the cheapest you could find a Suisse bar was $350? Well, now you might be able to find it at about 10% over spot. Good luck in the search!

Rhodium Price, Silver Price, Platinum Price

Rhodium has been steady at $1500. You can still get your rhodium coins from Cohen Mint for $90 for each Cohen rhodium bullion coin. Platinum has only shifted up $5, and silver has went up nearly $0.50. I predict silver will go up a bit more. It's $15.40 now. I think it will peak at just over $16.

That's all we have for now. I gotta run. I'm hoping to see some good comments on this recent price increase!


  1. I think Palladium is still underpriced compared to gold/silver... it was selling over $500 less than two years ago!

  2. I agree, in a way: palladium was up at that time due to a shortage, mainly, I believe, stemming from Russia--the world's top palladium producing country--choosing to not sell its palladium to the world that year. Right now, as evidenced by the report I read (article here:, palladium demand is more than being met. But that's viewing it from an industrial standpoint. Viewing it from a precious metals standpoint, it could easily rise if people start to stockpile it as if it were gold, which isn't as industrial. Palladium can be "used up" and thrown away, as can be silver, but gold is usually recycled from the few industrial applications in which it is used. Well, let's just say it's recycled a lot more than palladium and especially silver. But yes, I sure would like to see palladium back up over $500. Wouldn't it be great if it were to hit $1000 again? Then I'd sell all mine to you guys! Hahaha ;)


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