Saturday, July 25, 2009

Platinum and Palladium Opportunities to Rise

Below is a video with Rob Kurzatkowski of OptionsXpress Holdings (Bloomberg News), found by the author of Gold & Silver (link under "Links") giving us some information about how palladium and platinum have a huge opportunity to rise. For those who can't see the video, I'll give a quick run-though summary:

The palladium and platinum prices have increased steadily over the past six months and may continue upwards. When the auto-makers pull out of their decrease sales slump, these prices may increase further.

Another factor that might increase the price of these two metals is a decision in Russia to not sell the metals, or even more power outages in South Africa. If either of these scenarios occurs, since Russia and South Africa produce 95% of the world's palladium and platinum supply, prices could hit the moon

Press Play to Watch for Yourself!

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