Monday, September 29, 2008

Palladium Coins Rare and Rare Bullion to Buy

It's so hard to get palladium right now. Palladium has never been a popular precious metal, but people own it seem to be hoarding it and not wanting to sell it. Even with palladium cheap, those selling it are selling it for over double its spot price!

What's weird:
1. The prices of precious metals dropping this year (perhaps because it's an election year)
2. The low palladium price compared to gold (it should follow it's big brother)
3. The unavailability of palladium to buy (likely no one wants to sell so low)
4. The way palladium is selling for so much over spot (people want their original investments back)

How you can win either way:
1. If it drops you can buy more cheap palladium
2. If it goes up we can sell our cheap palladium for more than we paid
3. I know where to buy it (coin shop owner knows some people) ;)

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